On 14 March 2014, a South African businessman swam from Necker Island to Moskito Island situated in the British Virgin Islands to raise funds for the Faces of Hope Foundation.

Ettiene Pretorius was invited to Necker Island for a five-day Oxford-meets-Necker think tank, where the top professors of Oxford University together with 20 influential entrepreneurs all over thw world came together to discuss climate change and how they as influential individuals could bring about change and set examples of how to build a greener environment.

Pretorius was born with one sole purpose: to influence the world and to share his passion for business, with a burning desire to become one of the world's top entrepreneurs.

In preparation for Ironamn South Africa this year, he decided to train while on Necker Island, which became a motivation to swim from Necker to Moskito - symbolising a passion to do something for a greater cause, raising awareness for Faces of Hope. For Pretorius, the five-kilometre swim was exhilarating and rewarding, knowing the purpose behing the challenge.

After the swim, Sir Richard Branson together with Pretorius and the group had a discussion about global warming, thereafter they explored Moskito before enjoying lunch and a swim in the sea.

Necker and Moskito Island are both owned by Sir Branson. Moskito is going to be developed into a premier ecotourism resort and Necker is going to continue reducing environmental impact - setting a great example for other island communities worldwide.

"Meeting with Sir Richard Branson was one thing, but knowing that this individual has changed the dynamics of entrepreneurship across the world, is a feeling of achievement, humbleness and growth. I am thrilled to have taken the step forward in doing something for a greater purpose and creating awareness for two causes I am personally passionate about," says Pretorius.

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