Some people know from a young age that they want to enter the business world, and have the burning desire as entrepreneurs to excel in every aspects and has the ability to take on new projects and succeed in all of them.

Ettiene Pretorius is one of those dedicated people who as a former NWU Student completed his Honours degree in International Trade and Marketing. Despite the fact that he has various business interests he is also at the age of 23 years, the CEO of Solutrix promotions and has big plans for the future.
Under the name Solutrix, Ettiene has three other business partners who makes and provides wind-breakers for clubs and corporations. With a fourth business partner Ettiene is also working on his first project in property development. "As the Chairman of NWU's skydiving club in June 2003, we as a team were in need of wind-breakers. I quickly looked into a few factories and determined the average price for a jacket was between R220 and R280. I then discovered after doing proper research and market analysis that I could sell jackets for R150 each and opened my own clothing business. My clothing business consisted out of hats, socks, pants and T-shirts”

In January he met three young enthusiastic accountants in Johannesburg: Mr Peter Jordan, Derrel Langa and Jacques Bezuidenhout. They joined forces and created Solutrix promotions. Profits vary according to seasons, between R3 000 and R6 000 per month. At the PUK Campus of the North West University's there are 26 residences alone. Each year about 3000 new students are accepted and everyone needs a set of clothes provided within a budget of R 550 per student. "Our main goal is to expand our clothing business and provide to the Universities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. Companies in every industry have a need for corporate wear," explains Ettiene about the prospects of the uprising business

His second business, Side Point Trading 241, is a corporation doing business as Solutrix Property Developments. The company currently set units of 48 square meters each. In addition to their resting partner, Ute Tepper, who invested R200 000 in the project, Ettiene makes use of services such as accountants, lawyers, town planners and property agents. The units of this month began selling immediately. The expected return on the project, calculated at R 7000 per square meter, meaning R 3.36 million. A deposit of R20 000 is required from every buyer adding up to the total amount of R200 000. Ettiene calculated that to cover construction costs, he needed R 1.3 million. A loan of 80% (R 1.04 million) – will be coming from the bank and business partners, and the balance in cash is paid out of the deposits and Tepper's investment.

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